We specialize in a multitude of areas, including the following:

  • Printer sales and repairs (all makes and models including Laser, Mono, Ink and Thermal)
  • Plotters (small and large formats)
  • Support (installation, integration, repairs and on-site maintenance including operating system support)
  • Website design, development and hosting
  • All UPS Brands (Supply of UPS units, inverters, battery packs and on-site maintenance)
  • High end CCTV (Supply, installation and maintenance)
  • Access control (including electric fencing, beams and energizers as well as the maintenance thereof)
  • Provisioning of Virtual Private Networks, high-end security devices and the management thereof
  • Complex web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • ADSL / broadband connectivity
  • All makes of networking equipment (switches, routers and firewalls)
  • Repair of SANS ( All major brands)
  • We generally fix all IT related equipment