UPSes / Inverters

We specialise in the installation, maintenance, repair and sales of large UPSes


We are the UPS supplier of choice for a large number of local clients.

As we are not tied into one brand we can structure the correct UPS solution for you. With our expert knowledge, we can determine whether you require high KVA short run units (used in sites that have a backup generator) or long run units that will provide the uptime required if no generator is present. Also discriminate between transformer based and electronic driven out put based on what the customer is using on the UPS. 

Our fully-equipped workshop has load bank testers, chargers, battery health testers, and all other equipment necessary to troubleshoot and repair UPS’s. We thoroughly test repaired units to ensure output and up-time under load are according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our customers trust us to:

  • Carry out repairs on all makes and sizes, both carry-in and on-site
  • Distinguish their requirements both in capacity and type of UPS required
  • Supply most major brands of UPS units. Our range includes smaller UPSes ranging from 650W to 10KVA single phase units, as well as larger UPSes ranging from 10KVA to 1000KVA three phase units
  • Supply replacement UPS batteries
  • Handle their on-site maintenance through service level agreements
  • Perform component level repairs where possible
  • Provide and install rack mounts and stand-by units
  • Installation and moving of existing and new UPS units
  • Carry out on-site services and replacement
  • Supply and repair inverters
  • Perform load assessments on-site to determine the ideal size of units based on their requirements
  • Service units that have a bypass function without interrupting the customers power
  • Responsible recycle batteries that we have replaced