We offer easy finance for most products we sell

Finance and rental options are available and can be structured to suit your needs. We offer financing for all IT hardware with a minimum value of R20 000. 

Whether you wish you buy outright, or to simply wish to utilise the equipment while it continues to not give problems, we can tailor a solution that suits you.

Many of our customers choose to finance their UPSes for the following reasons:

  • UPS’s are typically financed over a period of 36 months, this includes installation and on-site maintenance for the rental period.
  • Most UPS Units require a complete battery change after three years.
  • You can choose whether to replace your existing UPS (including batteries) with a new unit covered by a service plan for a similar rental price.
  • We offer a settlement at any time of the rental period as well as UPS upgrades under a rental.
  • We can structure the rental over a period of five years including on-site service including a battery change after 36 months.
  • VAT will not have to be paid upfront but will form part of the monthly instalment.
  • With power fluctuations and interruptions we can provide you with a solution that will keep your business operational at all times.